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25 Jun 2017

Popular Cat Video Subjects


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Posted By Colin W.

Funny cat videos are all the craze on the Internet. There are many sites that host these videos. A Google search brings up 9,980,000 results for them. That number is really flabbergasting! How funny can these videos be? Well, they must be extremely funny to a lot of people.

Thinking about that let us consider what some of the most popular subjects for funny cat videos are and get an idea of what all of the enthusiasm is about. Cats in containers, falling into them like an ice chest and the lid closing, cat in plastic container with head sticking out with the lid on its head, cats in bottles and getting out, and cats in boxes.

Other funny cat video topics are cats chasing people and attacking, cats chasing bears away, cats on hind legs looking like they are boxing, and then they get creamed by the opposing cat that patiently watched the boxing act until the opposing cat got ready to attack. Or cats trucking across the room on his hind legs.

Singing cats are the rage in funny cat videos. There are so many examples of this topic on the Internet. This is truly a big topic of cat video enthusiasts. Ponder this: a search for singing cat videos on Google nets 557,000 results. Do you conclude that people like singing cat videos or what?

In the singing cat genre, dare I call it that? There are sub-genres like cats singing opera, cats singing while yawning, (maybe he's bored with the concept), psycho and monster singing cats, cats singing metal, and so on.

Even cats get into potty humor. There are 687,000 results on Google for cats flushing the commode. One of the most famous funny cat videos of a cat flushing a commode actually happened out in California. Anyone that has ever had an inside cat knows that they are fascinated by the rushing swirling water of a flushing commode. And many people get a kick out of watching videos of cat's flushing the commode with or without musical accompaniment. Are we easily amused, just like cats?

Cats in the act of being clumsy are a favorite topic of funny cat videos. Hey, we normally think of them as graceful animals, but sometimes they miss their mark when jumping, flip crazily into the air and screech or skid and fall off of a counter or table.

One of the craziest videos of a cat that is on the Internet is one in which a cat watches himself in a video and tries to paw at the 'other' cat. Another cool one shows a cat rubbing his face against a babies face. Some people say it is a sign of affection, others that the cat is marking you as his person. But seeing a cat do this to a baby is a very lighthearted scene.

As long as there are cats and people in the world, people will have cats as pets and funny cat videos will be made. When it comes to humor, some people think that cat's rule.


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