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27 Jul 2017

Film Or Video Productions Can Make A Big Difference For Any Organization


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Posted By Julian S.

Film or video productions can be a very important tool for any organization, either public or private. They can be informational or procedural and will help a company get its message across to employees or customers efficiently and professionally.

You have a brand new set of employee trainees who need to learn all about the ins and outs of your company, including its history, what kind of experiences they may expect working there, and all about the facilities. There are 50 people in all sitting in a room waiting to hear all about their jobs and be inspired. Now, consider the following two solutions:

-- A manager enters the room, welcomes the group, tells everyone about his own great experiences with the company, and then proceeds to give the employees a thorough informational talk, including a carefully prepared power point presentation used to emphasize important points. This continues for an hour or so, following which he allows time for a question and answer session.

-- A manager enters the room, welcomes the group, tells everyone about his own great experiences with the company, and then proceeds to show a 20 minute long informational video.

The video gives an overview to the trainees about the company's history, offers a look at the facilities, includes interviews of employees holding similar positions talking about their work experience, and then wraps it all up with encouraging words and hopes for their success. The video has been produced by a professional company, and is enhanced by clever, fast paced editing and uplifting music.

It's not hard to tell which presentation might inspire this group of trainees more and keep their attention longer.

Film or video productions created by professionals in the trade can help an organization be more efficient while helping to support a polished image. People learn more by seeing something presented visually, and retain much more information this way. Such productions can be used for safety training, procedural training, as introductions to an institution for new students, or as informational backdrops at a trade show booth.

There are literally countless ways that a company can use such productions. They can be shown on large screens or on individual computers.

The danger, of course, is that some organizations may choose to produce such a tool in-house, resulting in a product that may be amateurish and not reflect well on the company it is trying to help! It is always best to rely on video production companies who know what works and what doesn't, and specialize in creating highly polished and effective films. It could make a world of difference to your company.


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